High Purity 1- Hydroxyethylidene -1 1- Diphosphonic Acid CAS 2809-21-4

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Place of Origin: CHINA
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Certification: COA
Model Number: Water Purification Chemicals - 14
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Detail Information
Name: 1-Hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-diphosphonic Acid CAS: 2809-21-4
Form: Liquid Molecular Formula: C2H8O7P2
Molecular Weight: 201.9987 Melting Point: 198~199℃
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water treatment chemicals


drinking water treatment chemicals

Product Description

1-Hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-diphosphonic acid CAS 2809-21-4 Water Purification Chemicals




HEDP is a kind of organic phosphoric acid scale and corrosion inhibitor, which can form stable complex with iron, copper, zinc and other metal ions and dissolve oxides on the metal surface.HEDP under 250 ℃ can still play a role of good scale and corrosion inhibitor, is still under high pH value is very stable, not easy to hydrolysis, general is not easy to decompose under the condition of field.Acid and alkali resistance and chlorine oxidation resistance are better than other organic phosphoric acid (salt).HEDP can form a six-ring chelate with metal ions in water, especially calcium ions, so HEDP has good scale inhibition effect and obvious solubility limit effect. When combined with other water treatment agents, it shows an ideal synergistic effect.

HEDP solids are high purity products, suitable for cold areas in winter.It is especially suitable for cleaning agent and daily-use chemical additive in electronic industry.




Item Index
Active component (HEDP) %≥ 60.0
Phosphate (PO33-) %≤ 2.0
Phosphate(PO43-)%≤ 0.8
Chloride(Cl-)%≤ 0.01
PH(1% Solution)≤ 2.0
Density(20℃)g/cm3 ≥ 1.40
Calcium chelation value(mg/g)≥ 500
Iron (Fe2+) mg/l ≤






This product is the main material of non - cyanide electroplating.A cyanide - free copper plating solution was prepared.The coating is smooth and the color is good.General dosage 60% content is 100 ~ 120 ml/L.The dosage of copper sulfate is 15 ~ 20 g/L.In addition, the electroplated parts were immersed in 1% ~ 2% solution of the product before electroplating to make the electroplated parts turn into active state, and then electroplating can improve the effect.The product is a new type of chlorine-free electroplating complexing agent, which is used as the main agent for water quality stability in the circulating cooling water system, and plays a role in corrosion and scale inhibition.This product is one of the organic non-phosphonic acid water tablets, and there are some other kinds of such products produced in China, such as aminotrimethyphosphonic acid (ATMP) : [CH2PO (OH) 2]3N and EDTMP and so on.Organic polyphosphonic acid is a kind of water treatment agent developed in the late 1960s and confirmed in the 1970s.Compared with organic polyphosphate, organic polyphosphonic acid has the advantages of chemical stability, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance, small dosage and corrosion and scale inhibition.It is a kind of cathodic corrosion inhibitor and a kind of non-chemical equivalent scale inhibitor.When combined with other water treatment agents, it shows an ideal synergistic effect.It has excellent chelation energy for many metal ions, such as calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, etc., and even has good deactivation effect on inorganic salts of these metals, such as CaSO4, CaCO3, MgSiO3, etc., so it is widely used in water treatment technology.Low toxicity, LD50 was injected into mice subcutaneously at 486.4mg/kg.


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