Inorganic Water Purification Chemicals Aluminum Chlorohydrate CAS 1327-41-9

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Name: Aluminum Chlorohydrate CAS: 1327-41-9
Form: Powder Molecular Formula: AlClHO
Molecular Weight: 79.44 EINECS No: 215-477-2
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water treatment chemicals


drinking water treatment chemicals

Product Description

Aluminum chlorohydrate CAS 1327-41-9 Water Purification Chemicals




Aluminum chlorohydrate is an inorganic polymer.With certain cementitious property, it can be used as fireproof coating, ultrapure alumina products and fireproof concrete.Polyaluminium chloride is a high-priced polyhydroxyl electrolyte, which can be regarded as the intermediate product of the hydrolysis of AlCl3 into Al(OH)3. The colloidal nucleus is positively charged and the hydrolysis is acidic.The composition of this kind of product is a mixed system composed of various water-bearing complexes in a certain proportion under certain conditions.Its expression is [Al2(OH)n· cl6-n]m, where n= 1-5, m 10.Due to the different preparation and properties, polyaluminium chloride can also be called hydroxyl aluminum chloride, basic aluminum chloride, polyalumina, etc.The main physical and chemical performance indexes are basicity degree, pH value, Al2O3 content and relative density, etc.Polyaluminium chloride is rich in raw materials, low cost, does not reduce the fire resistance of refractory concrete, high temperature activity is strong, in the addition of a small amount of coagulant, room temperature hardening and other characteristics, is a promising cementing material.




Item Index
Appearance Yellow resinous solid
Purity (AL2O3) %≥ 29.0
Basicity % 40-90
Density (20℃)/(g/cm3) ≥ 1.12
Water insoluble %≤ 0.6
PH(1% Solution) 3.5-5.0
As %≤ 0.0006
Pb %≤ 0.003
Cd %≤ 0.0006
Hg %≤ 0.00003
Cr6+ %≤ 0.0015



A type of refractory binder.It is a kind of alumina sol which is made of aluminum-containing raw materials or metallic aluminum through the physical and chemical treatment such as dissolution, hydrolysis and polymerization of hydrochloric acid.Pcl3 can be regarded as an intermediate product of the hydrolysis of AlCl3 into Al(OH)3, so the hydrolysate is acidic.Polyaluminium chloride is also called the hydroxy aluminium chloride (AluminumHydroxychloride) or Basic aluminium chloride (Basic Aluminumchloride), its chemical general formula for [Al2 (OH) nCl6 - n m.When n is close to or equal to 6, it is called Alumina sol.The use of polyaluminium chloride as a binder for loose refractories does not reduce the refractoriness. In the heating process, the Al2O3 produced by the dehydration and decomposition of polyaluminium chloride is a highly dispersed active alumina, which is conducive to sintering. Therefore, it is suitable as a binder for refractory materials.

Polyaluminium chloride can be used as a binder for unburned or fired refractory products, refractory plastics, ramming materials and castable materials.When used as binder for amorphous refractory materials, it has certain requirements for alkalization degree and density. If it is too high or too low, its bond strength is not good. Generally, its alkalization degree is between 46% ~ 72%, and its density is between 1.17 ~ 1.23kg/m3, and its bond strength is good.When used as binder for refractory castable, synthetic magnesia aluminum spinel, electrofused MgO and alumina cement can be used as coagulant.However, when polyaluminium chloride is used as an amorphous refractory binder, due to its acidic solution (pH<5), it will react with the iron and iron-containing compounds contained in the refractory to escape hydrogen and make the material swell.Therefore, in the preparation process need to have trapped phase, in order to avoid forming good products or liner bulging and cracking.


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