Metal Strontium Powder Raw Earth Materials CAS 7440-24-6 Sr For Making Flares

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MOSINTER
Certification: COA
Model Number: Raw Earth Metals – 39
Minimum Order Quantity: 25KGS
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Aluminum foil bag , fiber can , kraft paper bag , plastic drum , 1kg/ bag or 25kg/ drum or as required
Delivery Time: Within 7 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200-300 MTS/month
Detail Information
Name: STRONTIUM CAS: 7440-24-6
Form: Powder Molecular Formula: Sr
Molecular Weight: 87.62 Type: Raw Earth Metals
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raw earth minerals


raw earth materials

Product Description

STRONTIUM CAS 7440-24-6 Raw Earth Sr




Strontium is a silver white alkaline earth metal with yellow luster. It is the most abundant element in alkaline earth metals (except beryllium). In nature, it exists as a compound state. The chemical properties of strontium are active. When heated to the melting point (769 ℃), strontium oxide can be formed by combustion, and it can be combined with oxygen to form strontium peroxide under pressure. Strontium is easy to combine with halogen, sulfur, selenium, etc. it can combine with nitrogen to form strontium nitride at room temperature, and with hydrogenation to form strontium hydride at heating. It reacts violently with hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid to release hydrogen. Strontium reacts with water at room temperature to produce strontium hydroxide and hydrogen. Strontium turns yellow in the air. Because strontium is very active, it should be kept in kerosene.

It can be made into target, bar, particle, wire or processed according to customer's requirements




Melting point 757 °C(lit.)
Color Silvery white



Strontium is the most abundant element in alkaline earth metals. In nature, it mainly exists as a compound state, and the main ores are celestine (SrSO4) and strontium rhotite (SrCO3).

No matter in the manufacturing process of reducing SRS with carbon and then reacting, or in the soda treatment process, celestine is the starting material for making SrCO3. Because strontium carbonate can be used to make other SR compounds, which are used to purify Zn (to remove Pb and CD) for making ceramic permanent magnet, and used to make TV fluorescent screen, it is the most important SR compound. Sr (NO3) 2 is used in pyrotechnic device, SRO is used in aluminum smelting, Sr and SrCl2 are used to repair teeth. Sr (OH) 2 has long been used for the purification of molasse. [3]

Metal strontium is used to make alloys, photocells and lamps. Its compounds are used for making flares, fireworks, etc.

Strontium-90 can be used as a β - ray radiation source, which is quite harmful to human body. Its half-life is 25 years. It is produced by uranium in nuclear test, inhaled by human body in the form of dust, and causes radiation damage to human body.

Strontium-87 has certain application in medicine. The radioactive strontium-87m is introduced into the patient's body. After the bone is absorbed, the position of strontium-87m in the human bone can be measured by the radiation detector, and the abnormal situation in the human body can be determined. The half-life of strontium-87m is only 2.8 hours, and it will be discharged from the human body very quickly. Therefore, the amount of radiation received by the human body is very small.

China strontium atomic clock: compared with the current cesium atomic clock, China strontium atomic clock has the potential to achieve higher accuracy and is recognized as the next generation time and frequency benchmark. Replacing the current cesium fountain clock with a light clock to redefine the second can significantly improve the positioning accuracy of the satellite navigation system.


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