Polymyxin B CAS 1405-20-5 Polymyxin B sulfate Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals

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Detail Information
Name: Polymyxin B CAS: 1405-20-5
Appearance: Powder Molecular Formula: C48H84N16O17S
Molecular Weight: 1189.3426 Melting Point: 217-220°C (dec.)
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pharmaceutical raw materials


raw material for medicine manufacturing

Product Description

Polymyxin B CAS 1405-20-5 Polymyxin B sulfate Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals



Polymyxin B is an antibiotic primarily used for resistant Gram-negative infections. It is derived from the bacterium Bacillus polymyxa. Polymyxin B is composed of a number of related compounds (see "Mixture composition"). It has a bactericidal action against almost all Gram-negative bacilli except the Proteus and Neisseria genera. Polymyxins bind to the cell membrane and alter its structure, making it more permeable. The resulting water uptake leads to cell death. Polymyxins are cationic, basic peptides that act like detergents (surfactants). Side effects include neurotoxicity and acute renal tubular necrosis. Polymyxins are used in the topical first-aid preparation Neosporin.



Item Specifications Results
Description White or almost white powder, hygroscopic White powder
Identification LC identification test, Conforms Conforms
A reddish violet color is produced, Conforms
Meets the requirements of the test for Sulfate ,Conforms
PH (2%) 5.0~7.0 6.0
Specific optical rotation -78°~-90° -79°
Loss on drying ≤6.0% 2.8%
Sulfated ash ≤0.75% 0.17%
Sulfate 15.5%~17.5% 16.1%
Related substances, HPLC

Any impurity: ≤3.0%

Sum of impurity: ≤17.0%



Heavy metals ≤20ppm Conform
Total viable aerobic count ≤100CFU/g Conforms
Potency (Dried basis) ≥6000IU/mg 8204IU/mg
Assay HPLC (Dried basis)

Sum of polymyxin B1, B2, B3 and B1-I:


Polymyxin B3:≤6.0%

Polymyxin B1-I:≤15.0%





Particle size

(Neither USP nor EP has this)

99.0%: Not more than 30µm by vol

90.0%: Not more than 20µm by vol

75.0%: Not more than 15µm by vol

35.0%: Not more than 10µm by vol

Mean diameter: Not more than 15µm

Conclusion The results conforms with enterprise standards



Uses Polymyxin B is an anti-Gram-negative bacillus polypeptide antibiotics, can change the membrane structure of small molecules to leak and inhibit the growth of Gram-negative bacteria. E. coli has a bactericidal effect. Binding to the lipid A fraction of the bacterial lipopolysaccharide. In the skin membrane induced by small holes. Mode of action: to combine and interfere with the plasma membrane permeability. Antibacterial spectrum: Gram-negative bacteria.


Acid polymyxin B and polymyxin E similar to Gram-negative bacilli, such as E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vice E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, acidophilus, Bordetella pertussis and Shigella, such as inhibition Or bactericidal action. Mainly used in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other Pseudomonas caused by the wound, urinary tract and eye, ear, trachea and other parts of infection, can also be used for sepsis, peritonitis. And resistant to aminoglycosides, third-generation cephalosporin-resistant bacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa or other susceptible strains caused by severe infections, such as bacteremia, endocarditis, pneumonia, post-burn infection.


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