High Reflectivity Raw Earth Metals Rhodium CAS 7440-16-6 102.91 Molecular Weight

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Model Number: Raw Earth Metals – 42
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Packaging Details: Aluminum foil bag , fiber can , kraft paper bag , plastic drum , 1kg/ bag or 25kg/ drum or as required
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Name: Rhodium CAS: 7440-16-6
Form: Powder Molecular Formula: Rh
Molecular Weight: 102.91 Type: Raw Earth Metals
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raw earth minerals


raw earth materials

Product Description

Rhodium CAS 7440-16-6 Rh Raw Earth




Rhodium is a silvery white, hard metal with high reflectivity. Rhodium metal usually does not form oxides, and molten rhodium absorbs oxygen but is released during solidification. Rhodium has higher melting point and lower density than platinum. Rhodium is insoluble in most acids, completely insoluble in nitric acid, slightly soluble in aqua regia. The element symbol RH, derived from rhodon, means "Rose", because the solution of rhodium salt presents the light red color of rose, which was discovered and separated by Wollaston in 1803. Rhodium is a platinum element.

It can be made into target, bar, particle, wire or processed according to customer's requirements.




Melting point 1966 °C(lit.)
Color Silvery white




Platinum group metals are widely used in automobile exhaust gas purification, chemical industry, aerospace, glass fiber, electronic and electrical industry and other fields, with high melting point, high strength, stable electric heating, high resistance to spark erosion, excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance and good catalytic activity. Although the amount of use is small, it plays a key role, known as "industrial vitamin".

In addition to making alloys, rhodium can be used as a bright, hard coating on other metals, such as silver or camera parts. When rhodium is evaporated to the surface of glass, a thin layer of wax is formed, which results in an excellent reflecting mirror.

(1) High catalytic activity and selectivity, long life. Rhodium and its alloys, compounds containing rhodium, and complex catalysts can be used for aldehydes and acetic acids, automobile exhaust gas purification, ammonia oxidation of nitric acid production, organic chemical synthesis of plastics, man-made fibers, drugs, pesticides, and fuel cell electrodes.

(2) High and stable reflectivity to visible light. It is commonly used for coating of special industrial mirrors, searchlights, radars and other reflective surfaces.

(3) High melting point, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, is one of the most stable chemical properties of metals. It can be used as a corrosion-resistant container, and can be used at 1850 ℃ in the atmosphere. Pure rhodium crucible can be used to produce calcium tungstate and lithium niobate single crystal.

(4) Rhodium coating has high hardness (7500-9000mpa), wear resistance, corrosion resistance and stable contact resistance. Rhodium plated composite materials are excellent electrical contact materials. Rhodium can also be used for coating of ornaments, other industrial instruments and gas sensors.

(5) Modification. Rhodium can form solid solution with platinum, palladium and other metals, which can enhance the melting point, recrystallization temperature and corrosion resistance of the matrix, and reduce the loss of oxidation volatilization. Among them, platinum rhodium alloy is an excellent temperature measuring material for precious metals, while rhodium compounds formed with titanium, zirconium, hafnium, tantalum, niobium and other gold species can strengthen the dispersion of rhodium alloy and increase its thermal stability; Adding rhodium to iridium can improve the processing performance of iridium.

(6) The work hardening rate is high, and cold work can be carried out after hot work to a certain size.

(7) It is expensive and is usually only used as an add-on element except for special use.


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